St Paul’s Sinfonia has recently become the Associate Orchestra with the Gipsy Hill Federation of schools, and is looking forward to its first education project, which is scheduled to take place in June 2013.  Musicians from the Sinfonia will work closely with students from all five schools, and will collaborate in a series of short concerts that will mark the culmination of the project.

The proposal is to work closely with the Year 4 ukulele classes in producing a joint
performance. This would result in a short concert that would take place in each school,
involving all the visiting musicians, that would comprise

  • a work involving the ukulele classes and the musicians together, plus potential
    other players from the school (percussion/recorder/singing/other instruments).  This work would be ‘open score’, with simple chord sequences, so that any
    musician from the school would be able to take part.
  • a performance from the visiting musicians together as an ‘Introduction to the
    Orchestra’ (for example: a chamber arrangement of Saint-Saëns, Carnival of the
    Animals and/or Rossini, William Tell Overture)

It is also planned that there would be a special ‘Family Concert’ in June 2012. This would take place at Christchurch, Gipsy Hill, and would include the same works as the in-school concert, plus other short and accessible pieces. The collaborative work would be included in the programme and any child who had taken part in the project would be invited to take part.

We in the Sinfonia are very excited about this forthcoming project, and hopeful that we will be able to work with the GHF schools on at least one project per year.  It is anticipated that this collaborative venture will benefit both sides, and from the Sinfonia’s point of view, that the audience for its regular monthly concerts will become steadily more diverse, in age, ethnic background, and in geographical reach.